Konyalı Levent is a great restaurant serving Traditional Turkish Cuisine in the luxurious setting of Kanyon.


Kanyon Levent is a special place where trademarks from all around the world meet and that has gotten international acclaim for its special architecture. This is where Konyalı began to serve top executives, journalists, guests from abroad and guests who want to live and taste traditional Turkish Cuisine in May 30, 2006.

Being the one and only in a modern and luxury living place like Kanyon, as a representative of Traditional Turkish Cuisine shows that Konyalı catches the era without loosing anything from its flavour and quality. Not only leading professionals but also the fourth generation representative of Konyalı, Mehmet Eren Doğabey has an effort on project of Konyalı Kanyon which is an outcome of careful work. Decoration of the restaurant which is designed by using unique and special objects shows the synthesis of Konyalı’s fourth generations experience and projects about the future.